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on some weird sap shit, I really did go to hell. I tortured my body and floated through my life sad as fuck over something I would have been over within a year. but guess what? I learned valuable things that school/ parents could never teach you. wisdom. I learned that you can’t dwell on the horrible things that happen to you. you have to breathe. hold your breath, count to 10 slowly, and remember better things are coming. the terrible shit you go through is a stepping stone to the better, I promise. heartbreak is a sickness that’s not cured with medicine (not even natures good ol natural remedy). you have to heal yourself. and by doing what? not dwelling. do not find the grief, let it find you when it’s ready. if it’s not there, don’t force the saddness.

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amazing sex tips for couples! :D haha so helpful
signs you should dump him sad but true :(
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When your heart is broken you plant seeds in the cracks and you pray for rain.

— Andrea Gibson (via creatingaquietmind)

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If you do not know what this picture is; let me inform you. In the late 50’s when abortion was completely illegal, women would resort to using household items to have a self-given abortion. These items included  bleach, wire hangers, and cleaning products.  So, would you rather save cells, like the ones that come off your feet or body, millions at a time, or save a woman who might end up curing a life-threatening disease?  Do we really wanna step 60 years back?
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